• Image of Digital Edition (Doghouse #2) PDF download
  • Image of Digital Edition (Doghouse #2) PDF download
  • Image of Digital Edition (Doghouse #2) PDF download

It has long been suggested that Doghouse should be offered in a digital format, so to trial the interest/demand, we have dipped our toe in the water with a PDF download of edition #2.

The product is a high-resolution 86-page 32MB single PDF document, presented in double-page format, as it is in the printed version.

Once your order is complete you will shortly receive a download email courtesy of WeTransfer.

All being well, a PDF version of all the previous editions will soon be made available.

This will not at all replace the printed version, instead an option for those who may prefer a different format. There are, however, no real plans to go truly tablet/mobile, so this PDF offering is probably about as tech as Doghouse will ever go...



‚Äč1. The Griffin, Llyswen
2. Three Horse Shoes, Norton Canon
3. The Victory, Hereford
4. Bowling Green, Hereford
5. The Barrels, Hereford
6. Pandy Inn, Dorstone
7. Rhydspense Inn, Whitney-On-Wye
8. Yew Tree, Preston-On-Wye
9. Nags Head, Peterchurch
10. Cornewall Arms, Clodock
11. Carpenters Arms, Walterstone
12. Swan Inn, Huntington
13. The Dog Inn, Ewyas Harold
14. Temple Bar, Ewyas Harold
16. Olde Tavern, Kington
17. New Inn, Pembridge
18. Royal Oak, Gladestry


1. Bus Station Cafe, Hereford
2. Regency Cafe, Kington
3. Coronation Cafe, Talgarth
4. Hay's Kitchen, Hay-on-Wye
5. Rich Way Cafe, Brecon