• Image of Doghouse – Edition #6
  • Image of Doghouse – Edition #6
  • Image of Doghouse – Edition #6

Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Edition #6 of Doghouse is our Liverpool edition... which, along with 18 outstanding public houses, also features the art of Guinness, Wirral's long-lost Mother Redcap's, Japan's 'London Pub', and paying tribute to China Town's closed pub, The Nook.

We also welcome this edition's regular, Andy, who talks about sleeping in car parks, hitchhiking in the 1970s and the benefits of a big spanner.


​1. Ye Cracke
2. Grapes
3. Roscoe Head
4. Philharmonic Rooms
5. Belvedere Hotel
6. Swan
7. Baltic Fleet
8. Globe
9. Ship & Mitre
10. Lion Tavern
11. Ye Hole Ye Wall
12. Peter Kavanagh's
13. Caledonia
14. Edinburgh
15. Dispensary


​1. Gallaghers, Birkenhead
2. Stork Hotel, Birkenhead
3. Queens Arms, Patricroft


76 pages
210 x 274mm
Printed in the UK on 115gsm


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